Sunday, June 14, 2009

Patrick Johnson or Rafferty, Portland Maine

42 year old Mens rights campaigner, father of 2 daughters and owner of this blog:

Known as either Patism66 or LK. Also goes by a_poor_misguided_soul.

As Patrick Rafferty on Myspace:
AS Patrick Johnson of Facebook:

Has this blog on how to shave your genitals:
And this blog on Doggies and Kitties (his word choice)

Here he wants to know what you would show him over your webcam:;_ylt=Ak3ZW4AJPXp1pf1bJJ3u87Hty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20060708073751AAghxc8 He also repeatedly asks if you would let your child sleep with Michael Jackson. Hmmm.

He posted on this topic in a newsgroup:

Re: Does forcing 7yr old little girl into a cold shower affect their sex lives as adults?

Famous quote by Patrick on a child spanking newsgroup:

"Considering your obsession with little asses? No. You know it's not
uncommon for pedophiles to act as outspoken childrens advocates, don't
you? "

Very interested in pedophilia on various forums..
What causes PEDOPHILIA?


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