Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wayne Butler, Central Coast NSW

Wayne Butler secretary of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia, "Executive" of Dads On The Air, Executive of CRC Kids, member of Dads In Distress Central Coast, founding member of SRL-Resources, member of Fathers4Equality. Owner of Familylawwebguide.com.au government sponsored website focussing on fathers Rights, also owner of Fathers4Equality website.

Accused of sexually abusing his young son and prolific lobbyist for mens rights. Close friend of Lionel Richards and Barry Williams amongst other long term anti woman campaigners including Jackel and Michael Green.

Goes by multiple identities on various forums including OneRingRules and Secretary SPCA sometimes found to be having a discussion pretending to be entirely separate people.

Member of Child Support Agency Stakeholders group and brags about his special relationship with CSA raising questions whether this is a proper role for the CSA to be taking.

Works for Workcover in Gosford office on the Central Coast of NSW.

Andrew Steiger, Fox Lake WI

agsteiger@juno. com

Also known as AndrewEss or agsteiger. Friend of Tami Pepperman


Manitowoc, WI

Silver Lake College

Last I heard females are found flying out of windows and nobody cares, since their status is now ‘liability’,and that is after chauvinism was bred out of the culture. Do I dare consider saving a damsel in distress, not on your nelly. Do I go near any unknown children, never. Why ! Because I don’t respect you, I fear you. Why do I fear you, because you are entitled to never tell the truth, never be accountable for your actions and never be responsible for yourself. A female is state and judicial chattel protected now only by it’s true partner which is state patronage. I really want some of that, not shovel ready but welfare ready. I am applying for a sex change soon and then can truly state I have a dysfunctional phallic envy."

eople Search: STEIGER, ANDREW G in WI


Name/AKAs Phone Address City, State Possible Relatives
Available(3) Available FOX LAKE, WI
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"I have children aged 4 and 5, I get phone calls from them calling me all the names under the sun, when I attempt to visit with them they just stand with mommy laughing and shouting abuse, marching around stating they ain't going, and they don't have to go. ......... Most end up having to take two or three jobs to cover the cost of child support with little time or money to even afford to see the children. Some even have their driving licenses taken away so they can't get to work and I get the additional burden and court costs of being accused of something every four to six months, and then end up fighting that. "

"I take exception to the misrepresentation of males as a majority abuser, I know one thing is true, bio dads can be stereotyped but they are by far less abusers of kids and infants than mothers. Sure there is an expanding epidemic of child abuse, that was created by the state itself for business, but real dad's are the last and least on the list, while mommies are the worst."

"I regularly get accused of molesting my own children, average cost per accusation is about $ 4500 to the family court operatives. Every case is treated as a new one, and we start again, nothing I can do about it until I run out of money, and then I will probably end up in prison."




  1. "I am currently going through a process that shall we say for the sake of the authors argument not the ‘alienation of children’. I have my son explaining to me that mommy tells them I am very bad and does things to them, like touch their crotchy and stick my fingers up their butts. They are declared by CPS as sexualized children. Worse and sadly not from my minimal contact have they learned some age inappropriate behaviors, language is shall we say fruity, they know about many sexual acts. Worse of all these children just aged 4 and 5. My contact is thwarted by the legal system and my former spouses monumental efforts to elicit a public outcry of ‘child molester’, withholding the children from contact at the flimsiest of excuses and TRO’s. I am in fear as a result of the numerous allegations, that continue unabated. Some resulting in periods of not seeing the children for months on end. Does it end, for me no, I cannot seem to get the industry of domestic violence to realize that this is simply a case of malicious and inverterate fantasy making mommy syndrome. Not at all, we need to complicate things, and look for signs of daddy abuse, and legal revisionism, better yet psychologists and therapists who seem willing to go that extra mile, to find something. The good thing is my daughter if allowed does still come and give me a hug and say’s she loves me, my son is a little more of a challenge. So without the none existent help I need to nip this in the bud, I am sadly looking forward to a unstoppable legal parendectomy.
    I have all the evidence I need to prove that something is not right about what is happening, but no platform to adjudicate.
    So if I am driven by virtue of the situation from the childrens lives, am I suffering from delusions, a parendectomy or is it ‘alienation’."


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ken Deemer

Ken Deemer founder of Shattered Men (Shat Turd Men seems more appropriate)an anti woman site and fathers rights agenda. Ken also is known as Ken4thelamb and Tetra55

Ken says:
"Then one Halloween night when I was about 9, I went out trick or treating to get candy we seldom could get, The trick was on ME. I was kidnapped and raped that night, I remember all the vivid details to this day, I remember the man drove a 52 Ford."

"I started finding web sites that were centered on abusing men. I will not even mention the name of some of these sites."

"Since I was a Christian., ( I had gone to church most of my life but had stopped going when I got into the femdom web sites) I knew what I had to do. I deleted those clubs I was in. I erased the memory and the cookies and did everything but format the drive. I wanted all traces of this garbage gone. I then joined several Christian clubs on Yahoo and went to my pastor and told him everything. I started looking for more information on men that have been abused, I found Sue’s web page and have used the information in many of the posts on Deja. I then went to a Biblical counselor . The HEALING had at long last begun . and it changed my life around.

A month after this I started a club called Shattered MEN. It is for abused MEN "

and more:

MEN are being abused even by society on a regular basis, Men are given longer prison terms for crimes women often get away with, THIS IS ABUSE

Men are often denied custody of their children when a divorce not of their making occurs, even when the mother has abused their children THIS IS ABUSE

MEN are denied the right to SEE their children even when a court so orders and they can do nothing about it but they better keep paying the support that often leaves them with very little to live on themselves. THIS IS ABUSE

Ken seems to have overlooked the fact that he was abused by a man.



Monday, June 15, 2009

Lindsay Jackel, Melbourne Australia

Lindsay Jackel, is a long time player in the Mens Rights enclave and goes by many different identities. He's a Christian misogynist and says he hates homosexuals and muslims.
He is the Victorian Director of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia (and one of the founding members) and a member of the SRL-Resources. He is an "Executive" of Dads On The Air.

He is a known friend of Lionel Richards also of SPCA and Ozydads also a friend of Barry Williams another member of SPCA and founder of Lone Fathers Association of Australia. He has also run his own group called Nuance Exchange. May have also been a member of the Blackshirts as he was in Victoria at that time and was in contact with other members and certainly displayed the anger necessary against women. He posted on a forum that his wife Sue left him for another woman. Has a daughter with Autism that he says he has shared custody of, although his public vitriolic postings about women, one would wonder about her welfare.
Jackel promotes Warren Farrell and defends his pro pedophilic writings. He also promote Parental Alienation Syndrome devised by another pro pedophilic quack Richard Gardner. He is also interested in Christian teens and homosexuals as has been actively participating in various online forums specific to those subjects.

Some of the names he uses are Dad4Life on Familylawwebguide.com.au, Matrix also on the same forum, J.L. on Dads On The Air Forum. He uses a non de plume of Tom Knoll to send out articles demeaning women to the many different forums he frequents.
He is a member of:
Shared parenting Council of Australia (Executive)
Familylawwebguide.com.au (Moderator)
SRL (Executive)
Dads In Distress
Dads On The Air (Executive)
CRC Kids
Plus countless Yahoo groups and overseas forums and newsgroups.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Patrick Johnson or Rafferty, Portland Maine

42 year old Mens rights campaigner, father of 2 daughters and owner of this blog:


Known as either Patism66 or LK. Also goes by a_poor_misguided_soul.

As Patrick Rafferty on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/480404856
AS Patrick Johnson of Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/srch.php?s=0&sid=1469b6a78ca79734d035f88f7f92a8aa#/profile.php?sid=dd2ac3e22d90c2cee6f4d343f3c3793c&id=1356040635&hiq=patism66%40netscape.net&ref=search

Has this blog on how to shave your genitals: http://patism66.blogspot.com/
And this blog on Doggies and Kitties (his word choice)

Here he wants to know what you would show him over your webcam: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ak3ZW4AJPXp1pf1bJJ3u87Hty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20060708073751AAghxc8 He also repeatedly asks if you would let your child sleep with Michael Jackson. Hmmm.

He posted on this topic in a newsgroup:

Re: Does forcing 7yr old little girl into a cold shower affect their sex lives as adults?


Famous quote by Patrick on a child spanking newsgroup:

"Considering your obsession with little asses? No. You know it's not
uncommon for pedophiles to act as outspoken childrens advocates, don't
you? "


Very interested in pedophilia on various forums..
What causes PEDOPHILIA?