Monday, June 15, 2009

Lindsay Jackel, Melbourne Australia

Lindsay Jackel, is a long time player in the Mens Rights enclave and goes by many different identities. He's a Christian misogynist and says he hates homosexuals and muslims.
He is the Victorian Director of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia (and one of the founding members) and a member of the SRL-Resources. He is an "Executive" of Dads On The Air.

He is a known friend of Lionel Richards also of SPCA and Ozydads also a friend of Barry Williams another member of SPCA and founder of Lone Fathers Association of Australia. He has also run his own group called Nuance Exchange. May have also been a member of the Blackshirts as he was in Victoria at that time and was in contact with other members and certainly displayed the anger necessary against women. He posted on a forum that his wife Sue left him for another woman. Has a daughter with Autism that he says he has shared custody of, although his public vitriolic postings about women, one would wonder about her welfare.
Jackel promotes Warren Farrell and defends his pro pedophilic writings. He also promote Parental Alienation Syndrome devised by another pro pedophilic quack Richard Gardner. He is also interested in Christian teens and homosexuals as has been actively participating in various online forums specific to those subjects.

Some of the names he uses are Dad4Life on, Matrix also on the same forum, J.L. on Dads On The Air Forum. He uses a non de plume of Tom Knoll to send out articles demeaning women to the many different forums he frequents.
He is a member of:
Shared parenting Council of Australia (Executive) (Moderator)
SRL (Executive)
Dads In Distress
Dads On The Air (Executive)
CRC Kids
Plus countless Yahoo groups and overseas forums and newsgroups.

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