Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ken Deemer

Ken Deemer founder of Shattered Men (Shat Turd Men seems more appropriate)an anti woman site and fathers rights agenda. Ken also is known as Ken4thelamb and Tetra55

Ken says:
"Then one Halloween night when I was about 9, I went out trick or treating to get candy we seldom could get, The trick was on ME. I was kidnapped and raped that night, I remember all the vivid details to this day, I remember the man drove a 52 Ford."

"I started finding web sites that were centered on abusing men. I will not even mention the name of some of these sites."

"Since I was a Christian., ( I had gone to church most of my life but had stopped going when I got into the femdom web sites) I knew what I had to do. I deleted those clubs I was in. I erased the memory and the cookies and did everything but format the drive. I wanted all traces of this garbage gone. I then joined several Christian clubs on Yahoo and went to my pastor and told him everything. I started looking for more information on men that have been abused, I found Sue’s web page and have used the information in many of the posts on Deja. I then went to a Biblical counselor . The HEALING had at long last begun . and it changed my life around.

A month after this I started a club called Shattered MEN. It is for abused MEN "

and more:

MEN are being abused even by society on a regular basis, Men are given longer prison terms for crimes women often get away with, THIS IS ABUSE

Men are often denied custody of their children when a divorce not of their making occurs, even when the mother has abused their children THIS IS ABUSE

MEN are denied the right to SEE their children even when a court so orders and they can do nothing about it but they better keep paying the support that often leaves them with very little to live on themselves. THIS IS ABUSE

Ken seems to have overlooked the fact that he was abused by a man.

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