Saturday, August 15, 2009

Amfortas/Percy/Kingfish/ King Amfortas Christopher Langan Fox

This is what an old Misogynist looks like. This guy who comes from Tasmania just hates women.
He's all over the net and uses the name Amfortas, king Amfortas, Percy and Kingfish amongst others.
We're on the trail to reveal his history but he sure likes to spend a lot of time on the internet and likes to contribute to discussions including one on old men not being able to volunteer at schools because of child molestation accusations.

A self confessed MRA, he's close friends with ally and fellow elderly misogynist ChristianJ (aka Christian Kelder also from Tasmania) and together the pair are flooding the internet with their old man ramblings and hatred of women. He claims to be an avid reader by reading 2 library books every 3 weeks (wow) which he defaces if they contain positive articles about women. Has been married twice and hates "sodomites" (homosexuals). He's a big contributor to Dads On The Air, not surprising given that they are desperate and he's a hardened misogynist and right up their alley.

Nothing new here in that he refers to women as "feminazis" and denigrates them at every opportunity, same old same old Mens Rights garbage.

His views on allegations made by an 8 year old who said she was touched inapropriately by an elderly man volunteer at her school (a discussion started coincidentally by his friend ChristianJ):

"But this elderly man was hounded nevertheless and presumably so was this little girl otherwise there would be no 'testimony'.A Witch-hunt by rabid, viscious bastard feminazis.It is not only Knackered Old Shit abuse, it is child abuse too.I don't like the title ot this piece. It should be 'Why men are driven away from volunteering with children'."

"There are some quite nice women who are older and in work. I like some older women, being an older man myself. I like some young ones too."

Amfortas/Percy is Christopher Langan Fox from Tasmania;

Amfortas/Percy is just a self inflated pumped up EX psychologist who really wasn't exactly esteemed by his colleagues and it appears he was interested in some not quite mainstream pursuits. He likes to quote credentials now that don't exist,
Here's an old website of his which includes his ex wife:

Some more of his ramblings including threats to shoot judges:

One of the most recognised concepts in Pissychology is the Self - Fulfilling Prophesy. The constant portrayal of men as vioent, viscious, stupid will produce just that. I estimate just a few more years before the murder rate in Australia shoots up, sky-rockets. I, for one, would smile as the blood of Judges, Lawyers, counsellors, bureaucrats, politicians, NGO greedy pigs, women's group operators, advertisers, woman's magazine editors, academics and the rest of the mendacious destroyers flows down the gutters of our CBDs. And that of all the wicked, greedy, lying wives , such as the one McGill had, flows with them. To hell with this society. I have had enough. Hear me...

I have had enough.

Whoever shot the Judge through the court-house window in America with a brilliant aim from across a road, across a river (We all know who I talk of, no names, no pack-drill) is a leader AND politically incorrect. More politically incorrect than most would like. Its just a pity the calibre of the rifle was a bit light on. Bugger his personal objections to the judge, his personal pain motive. Bugger his supposed track record of being a bad-lad, believed or not. He spoke for so many, many people. He got more condemnation than the lady writers got and less praise than the legless climber.

This is where some might feel a little uncomfortable of having me as a Men's Equal Rights Activist.

Dreadful as it may seem to spill blood, take life, even run and hide afterwards, this is the sort of politically incorrect outcome that not only counts but is meet and just. I give the 2006 award to him.

We need some home-grown PI's like him on Australia. I know a few Judges who could do with some action that is firm and final."


  1. I'm so glad I found you. I just started blogging on this same topic, and while I knew there were feminist blogs that mentioned mra's, I didn't know there were others that concentrated only on the scuzz balls. I'd love to know if there are even more.

    This Percy, charmer that he is, is often quoted by other men's and father's rights "activists", (ever notice that their "activism" consists of spending countless hours online, griping about women, and occasionally threatening to blow something up? What do they actually do? I've asked more than one mra, but they can't seem to give me a straight answer) anxious to suck up his pearls of pervy wisdom. Hating women and defending pedophiles seem to be two of Mr. Percy's favorite topics, and is a common thread throughout that bizarre alternate universe inhabited by mra's. But they're the real victims, as you will hear over and over. When they take a break from lamenting not being allowed to beat the hell out of women for the offense of existing, that is.

    Good luck with your blog, and please keep it going.


  2. Big deal!!! Why couldn't you have done it on someone who isn't famous.

    Amfortas has been famous most of his life from all the humanity work he has done. The bastard has even written essays and reports for the United Nations. Many times.

    And that bloody Cj. Why is he getting the spotlight? Doesn't he get enough with all the podcasts and You tubes he speaks on?

  3. I like to blow things up.

    Such as my inflatable doll. It does all the useful things a feminist does, but none of the negative things, such as spread disease, kill unborn babies and complain when you chuck it out of bed after using it as a sperm toilet..

  4. Yeah onelittleduck aka Julie from New Zealand and Julie from www.antimisandry aka fathers rights suck up and what we like to refer to as Frag Hag, we're sure you like to defend ole Percy but your alliance to a group who refer to all women as Cunts (and yes even you too! Just how deficient is YOUR self esteem to have to subject yourself to such treatment?). And Christopher Langan Fox is NOT famous. He's just another creepy old dude who hates women and thinks its ok to commit DV and can't see a problem with child molesting, in other words just your average Fathers Rights Activist.