Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shared Parenting Council of Australia

SHARED PARENTING (but only for fathers and only after separation)

Shared parenting Council have announced they are closing down because they have been unable to secure government funding but still operate the website paid for by tax payer dollars www.familylawwebguide.com.au and are heavily involved in www.dadsontheair.com. Here are some of their key members both current and ex.

Michael Green, Newtown NSW aka Agog, Sisyphus
also member of SRL and member of Dads On The Air. Has a mediation company but does not disclose his biased relationship with Fathers Rights.

Peter Saxon Sydney NSW aka Conan, Viking
also member of SRL, Dads On The Air, Dads In Distress and Fathers4Equality

Cheryl King Melbourne Australia

Coral Slattery Sutherland NSW aka NemosMum
Executive SPCA, SRL and Family Law Reform Aust member.

Simon Hunt Mornington Vic (ex member) aka Vascopajama
Former Executive member SPCA also FamilyLawAction Group and Fathers4Equality

Lindsay Jackel Melbourne aka Dad4life/Matrix/Tom Knoll/Manumit/Nuance
Executive SPCA also member of SRL, CRC Kids and executive of Dads On The Air, Fathers4Equality, Dads In Distress, Nuance Exchange

Matilda Bawden South Australia (ex member) Former Executive member

John Geremin Sydney NSW, Member of SRL and Non Custodial Parents.

Paul Saurine Sydney NSW aka Thad50 Member of SRL and Dads In Distress

Jim Carter Canberra ACT also Lone Fathers Association Aust aka Lfapolad.
Executive SPCA, CRC Executive and Lobbyist.

Barry Williams Canberra ACT also Lone Fathers Association Aust aka LFAABarry
Executive member SPCA

Ed Dabrowski Bubury WA Director SPCA, Executive member SPCA and Childrens Rights Council of Australia, also Creativity Centre and Lobbyist.

Geoff Greene SA Former Executive member of SPCA and still involved.

Trevor Bock Sydney NSW Executive SPCA also works with Michael Green in mediation business.

Lionel Richards WA Former Executive member now deceased. Executive SPCA and CRC Kids, Ozydads, Council for the Status of Fathers, Fathers4Justice.

Wayne Butler Central Coast NSW aka Oneringrules/secretaryspca
also member of SRL, CRC Kids and executive of Dads On The Air.

Sue Price Waterfall QLD Former SPCA Executive(ex member now founder of Mens Rights agency)

Ian Tuit Sydney NSW
Terry Bowker WA
Joan Hopkins WA
David Glenmere NSW
Graeme Campbell NSW
Peter Marsh QLD
Ian Wilson QLD
Shane Kelly SA
Susanne Cook SA
Michael Gray ACT
Paul Muckarovski NT
Greg Cairns
Geoff Holland QLD

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  1. Trevor Bock is no longer affiliated with the SPCA.